Green Industry Park
Promoting sustainable industry

The Turku region is located on the lush southwest coast of Finland, where green businesses get to benefit from
the best assets Finland can offer. Co-innovation capability with multidisciplinary and academic universities
make the city compelling and advantageous for deep tech startups and international companies.

The coastal location with its available talent, infrastructure, and industry friendly atmosphere make
the region an attractive option for locating your sustainable business!

We invite you to explore what the Turku region can offer your business. Join us on a journey
towards a greener and more sustainable future!

Key figures of the region

340 000

Number of citizens in the third largest city area in Finland

23 000

More than 23,000 thriving companies in the Turku region


Six prestigious universities of science and applied sciences


More than 200 hectares of land reserved for industrial use

Get in the Fast lane to accelerate your business

Imagine if there were a fast lane to accelerate the growth of your sustainable business. Green Industry Park can provide you with just that. Read more about us and see the amazing sites we can offer for industrial bioeconomy, circular economy, and renewable energy projects. See additional information or read more about us.

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